Using GitHub Container Registry with Azure App Service

Photo by Roman Synkevych / Unsplash

I had the need to connect my GHCR to an Azure App Service for CI/CD, but I didn't want to use GitHub Actions as Microsoft would like to have the integration done, I didn't like their implementation.

How I've done it ?

See, you can use a private registry with Azure App Service

Deployment Center in Azure App Service App

the Image is public, therefore I don't need any credentials passed in. To have the Continuous Deployment part enabled I created a GitHub Action curling the webhook url, since GitHub repository webhooks don't accept in-line authentication as Azure provides the url this way.

Here are the GitHub Actions I created for you to re-use:

Just make sure to update the URL for azure, you need to use your endpoint which is the "name of the service" in my case it is intelligencefeeds.

If you're curious this is a service providing the defender-atp service endpoints from microsoft and others following to use in your firewall

Piere Woehl

Piere Woehl