How to Port-Forward without messing with IPTables

How to Port-Forward without messing with IPTables

Hi, I was reimplementing some of my network and thought I could connect my zerotier network to pfsense, there is no official plugin yet so I had to get creative.

My first thought was to create a container on my VM host, connect to zerotier and just port-forward 80 and 443 to the haproxy handling my ssl offloading, my problem ?

THESE FXCKING IPTABLES DID NOT WORK, or I am to dumb to use them properly i guess... most likeley :)

So I got to choose another gameplan, I ever wondered what the TCP Mode of HAProxy was, so I digged into it.

It is just plain old TCP Port Forwarding on steriods, so I got to set it up and surely enough after some complications with config-file syntax I am done.

Here is my config, have fun !