About Me

Hi my name is Piere,

I live in Lingen, Lower Saxony in Germany and work at a local business in IT-Security.

  • 2013-2015 - Training Phase IT-Assistant at "Gewerbliche Berufsschule Lingen"
  • 2015-2018 - Training Phase at "Gewerbliche Berufsschule Lingen" and "KBS Nordhorn" for IT-Integrator
  • 2018-2019 - Certified Technician for Information Technology and System Integration by the state of lower saxony and germany (IT-Integrator).
  • 2018 - Linux Administrator
  • 2019 till today - Information Security Specialist.

With the age of 6 I got my first Computer, with Windows 95 if I remember. I was since then interested in taking things apart and learning how the technology works. I once saw into our Camper-TV as my father worked on our hours back then to look where to people come from speaking to me.

In Elementary school I got knocked and kicked around for the boy who did not want to play with others and was the awkwardly weird and silent boy along with his brother.

Today I know i'm an interovert, but back then I was really upset and had no friends. This lead me to do what brought me joy and what I understood.

Computers, I learned how Windows worked and basic networking by the age of 10.
By 12 I knew how to do basic html and css.

In the mean time I graduated elementary school in class 4 with a medium average of 2.6 and went to a integration school, the first of its kind in Lower Saxony.

The Gesamtschule Emsland, a media oriented school combining both classes of secondary school in Germany into one. We've got HP 6715s Workstation Notebooks in our Computer-Class - this class was designed to teach students how to use new technologies. I felt in heaven, bot not for long.

At the age of 13 I realised I still got no real friends, I was still the weird Guy knowing more about computer than people.

Still I learned after school night for night how computers worked, coded my first php pages, learning Linux, learning networking. with 14/15 in grade 9, my teachers already knew my potential, I was school-wide the go-to Computer-Student to help teachers work with their computers and the local network and how to operate the Remote Control Software used on the student-pc rooms.

since grade 8 I was every break in the computer repair shop, where the school IT guy was and managed the network and communications server on a since Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 box.

End of grade 9 I got to knew this pesky little things named hormones, there was this girl in the other "standard" class ; for reference we had a computer, music, sport and normal class. This girl was beautiful and she was the first person! in my entire school time actively acknowledging me and defending me and my computer-weirdness against others...

Of course I fell in love with her, it was bad, she was the only thing I could think about for months. She introduced me to my then best friend, how was goeing to be my girlfriend later for six months after our graduation. Still 2.6 average.

After secondary, I went to college to local college enrolled into "Job specific school for information technology assistent". This class was the best part of my life, back then. I was happy the teachers respected me and the students also got to know and love my passion, sometimes they were annoyed but it didn't bother me.

They were good guys and girls. I mess them till today.
This good time of two years melted together to no time, before I could even blink with an eye, I graduated with 1.0 in my practical final exam (exam project).

On my final year I was on a trip with my teacher to the WorldSkills Germany Competion for Information Technology and nailed the fourth place and before for lower saxony, the second place.

Right before my final exam project I went to an internship at a local big player in technology, never ever I thought they would accept me, I though I was not sufficiant enough for this. Now I know that I suffer imposter syndrom on top of beeing an introvert.

I got the internship, was tasked to make a decision-presentation to explain a bit linux and VM management solutions. I nailed it, so my supervisor. He told me to get him my CV as fast I can on his table, so I did.

I've got the apprenticeship, I was so happy. the first year felt really not that funny, I felt not integrated into the team I was a greenhorne knowing nothing of people and now I had to deal with people all day to support the in IT ? btw. do you know IT and Helpdesk ?! - This was horror stressfull I was lost....

I told nothing, but my supervisor one of the nicest guys I know till today got the hang of it and brought me together with our Deparment-Grandpa, he was the oldest Guy in the office, boy has he told me sooo much, I'm thankfull for his help to gain back my self-esteem and my Power of Knowledge.

In my last year of the apprenticship I was organizing Dell RMA, the Knowledgebase in OneNote and assistet the currently on-going leasing hardware replacement which was the first on of this quantity.

After my apprenticeship I was offered a job at the same company as a linux administrator with possibilities to grow into an infosec position. this was 2019....